We are very happy to see the quality of the wool being produced at Gracemere . The genetic program is paying dividends with the sheep producing a long stapled fleece with tremendous handle and impressive woolcuts. This is allowing them to  shear twice yearly to provide a product that we have offered to the trade with widespread competition and consequently good returns."

Eamon Timms

Technical & Marketing Manager







"Gracemere rams have been our ram of choice for over 20 years. We have had continued success in respect to ewe fertility, frame size and impressive wool growth and characteristics.

Along with formidable wool and frame traits in the wether flock, our ewes lambing percentages are consistently well over the 100, even during the years where the flock has been comprised of 1/4 maidens.

We have experimented with other rams from different breeders in this time and have always maintained the value for money from Gracemere merinos as far superior.

We are continually finding the perfect balance of wool growth, fertility and plain-bodied animals along with an excellent on farm classing service".

Piper Family - Violet Town

I have been marking lambs at Gracemere for 9 years and during that time I have been very impressed with the type of sheep that Rick and his family produce. They have very fertile sheep and the ewes are superb mothers (you can ask my guys that pick them up at lambmarking). As a stock contractor I handle alot of sheep throughout the year and of all the sheep we handle, I decided to purchase my own flock from Gracemere. I can highly reccommend Gracemere Merinos.

Travis Scott

Scott Bros Contracting